Larmor Screen Protection

Not only will LARMOR protect your camera LCD screen from scratches and damage, it is also designed to work with touchscreen and swivelscreen on modern cameras. LARMOR protectors do not use glue – they connect to the LCD screen with a strong silicon adhesive for fast, easy and gapless installation without affecting the sensitivity of the touchscreen.

larmor-ggs-detail-1Why cameras need GGS/Larmor

Remain ONE PIECE after exceeding Impact
Bearable Max Impact 12kg/cm2
GGS(with Frame) Integrated
GLASS Shatterproof, Scratchproof
Glass Screen Protector, Wet Cleaning Paper, Disassembly Card, User Manual

larmor-ggs-detail-2What’s special

  • Compatible with rotable screen
  • 6 layers: Nano coating, Glass, Combination Layer, Frame
  • Shatter proof Layer, Adhesive layer
  • Total clear protector Glaring edges
  • Keep the original color Smooth touching

larmor-ggs-detail-3Product Specification

  • Material:Japanese Optical Glass
  • Hardness:8H
  • Thickness:0.5mm±0.05mm
  • Layer:6Layers
  • Application:Auto-Absorption
  • Light Transmittance:>90%
  • Absorptive Power:130g/cm2
  • Bearable Impact:12kg/cm2

Characters:Auto-absorption,Adhesive-free,Anti-glare, Touch/Swivel screen friendly, No glue after removal,Anti-explosion, Impact-resistance, Anti-wear, Anti-dust, Aging proof.

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