footer-logoTiffen optical filters are more important then ever before, when shooting with your digital camera.

  • Save time and frustration in post-production – eliminate uncertainty and see the effect you want immediately, not hours or days later.
  • Lens Protection – Protect your lens from moisture, scratches and damage.
  • Correction – Bring the optical correction to a known standard, leaving more latitude for digital effects used later.
  • Contrast Control – Our award-winning Ultra Contrast and Low Contrast filters allow your digital camera to capture more shadow detail or lower contrast evenly.
  • Polarizers – These filter are ideal for color and contrast enhancements, removing reflections from water and glass (impossible to do electronically) while adding richer, natural color saturation.
  • Color Enhancing Filter – Makes vibrant fall colors “pop” without adversely affecting other colors. Difficult to easily do electronically.
  • Color-Grad® Filters – Add color selectively to the image while keeping other portions unaffected.

Why You Need Tiffen Optical Filters

There is something to be said for creating images at the moment of exposure—the way most of the world’s greatest pictures have been made. Tiffen optical filters let you do just that, by being able to preview the effect you’ll get when it matters most—when you’re behind the camera. There is nothing wrong with using electronic plug-in filter programs that let you add effects or manipulate the image after it’s taken. But if you really want to own the final images you compose, there’s no substitute for Tiffen optical filters. They’re simply unsurpassed when it comes to controlling color balance and special effects with precision, repeatability, and convenience.

It’s important to remember that filtering the light, before it passes through the lens and strikes the image sensor or film, has important advantages. It lets you match the brightness range of the scene to the characteristics of the capture medium, and get professional quality results even under tough lighting conditions. Tiffen Polarizing filters actually polarize the light to eliminate reflections on glass and water surfaces while retaining sub-surface details. Neither of these effects are possible with after-the-fact plug-in filter systems, which can only provide filter effects, not true light filtration.

Why Tiffen Filters Are Superior

Tiffen filters are manufactured using ColorCore technology, a closely guarded proprietary process that entails permanently laminating the filter material in between two pieces of optical glass that are ground flat to tolerances of a ten-thousandth of an inch, then mounting them in precision metal rings. The ColorCore process allows us to control the color and density of Tiffen filters, and the characteristics of special effects filters with much greater accuracy than typical dyed-in-the-mass filters, which usually exhibit color and density variations. When Tiffen filters are ground and polished, the ColorCore is unaffected, so color and density remain uniform. Indeed, when you hold a group of Tiffen filters of the same type against a white sheet of paper, they all look identical—because they are! Try this with our competitors’ filters and you’re likely to see slight variations.

Maybe that’s why most top Hollywood motion picture studios rely on Tiffen filters for their multimillion-dollar productions, or why we can custom-make an exact replacement for them if one breaks on the job. That’s consistency, and excellence—two pretty good reasons why, when it comes to filters, you should rely on Tiffen too.

See the Difference Tiffen Filters Make

Tiffen filters make a big difference indoors, outdoors, in close-up portraits or mile–wide landscapes, in bright sun or shade, and in many other photo situations–the right Tiffen filter delivers a great image instead of a snapshot. Whether you’re shooting photos or video, in black and white or color, Tiffen filters offer a variety of subtle, special and spectacular effects to give you more enjoyment every time you use your camera or camcorder.

The Tiffen Ten-Year Warranty

Tiffen precision-made filters are so superior, we back them with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Tiffen IR and IRND filters offer a one year warranty from date of purchase. Unlike ordinary batch-dyed glass filters in which color can be uneven, our unique lamination process allows complete control over color and density for maximum consistency. Tiffen has been honored with multiple awards from the  Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as well as the Academy of Television Arts and Science for its filter technology and innovative product design.

The Professional’s Choice

Superior quality and design make Tiffen the overwhelming choice of moviemakers, professional photographers and even NASA. Our filters are used in almost every major movie and TV production around the world.

The craftsmanship these professionals demand is part of every Tiffen filter, whether for video, digital imaging, scientific work, film or still photography. Shouldn’t Tiffen be your filter?